Dr. Mark Lawrence

Dr. Mark Lawrence
Dr. Mark Lawrence

Dr Lawrence graduated with Honours in 1976 from Melbourne University. Residency and specialist training were completed at the Queen Victoria Medical Centre. Further specialist training was undertaken in the United Kingdom at Plymouth General Hospital.

Memberships of three Royal Colleges of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (Australia, England and New Zealand) were obtained in 1982. He became a fully accredited specialist, in 1984, at age 30.

Hospital Appointments

In 1985 Dr Lawrence was appointed Gynaecologist in Chief at the former Royal Southern Memorial Hospital, now Caulfield General Medical Centre to which he remains Consultant Gynaecologist. Current hospital appointments are Honorary Consultant for Bayside Health Network and Head of Gynaecology Unit B at Monash Medical Centre.

As a point of interest, Dr Lawrence served for a number of years, as Gynaecologist to Her Majesty’s Prison Service. He relinquished this position for pursuit of other professional endeavours.


Dr. Mark Lawrence is an Honorary Senior Lecturer in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Monash University. He is involved in the teaching of medical students and in post graduate specialist training. His research work has been collaborative in the areas of infertility, IVF and menstrual disorders. He continues his research focus in these areas.


Monash IVF is recognised internationally as one of the foremost IVF units both in research and clinical work. Infertility and IVF are a cornerstone of professional practice.

He was involved with the Monash IVF group as early as 1984 and was invited by Prof. Carl Wood to become a full member of the team in 1988.

Direct involvement with advances in Assisted Reproductive Technologies has evolved into vastly improved pregnancy rates.


There are few more rewarding experiences, in Medicine, than the delivery of a healthy baby to joyous new parents. Obstetrics continues to be an extremely satisfying career path.

Confinements are undertaken at Cabrini Hospital and Waverley Private Hospital. Confinements at Jessie McPherson Hospital are conducted, from time to time, especially for High Risk Obstetric patients.

Patients are advised to ring the rooms on (03) 9557 2135 as soon as their pregnancy has been confirmed, so that a booking can be made at the hospital of their choice. Enquires regarding fees can also be made at that time.

If contemplating pregnancy in the near future, a daily supplement of Folic Acid 400 microgrammes is advisable.


Gynaecological surgery is undertaken at Monash Surgical Private Hospital, Cabrini and Waverley Private Hospital. The choice of hospital will, amongst other factors, depend on the condition to be treated and the complexity of surgery performed.

Dr Lawrence, although a senior consultant for Southern Health, has no control over the length of time that you may wait on the waiting list. This is determined by the hospital.

Dr Lawrence is proficient in general Gynaecological surgery with a focus on advanced laparoscopic & hysteroscopic surgery.

Ongoing Education

Ongoing education is a continuous process which is required for recertification as a specialist by the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. Conferences, Workshops, Training Courses and Medical Literature are an important part of medical practice.

Dr Lawrence finds that by working in teaching hospitals he has foremost access to new technology.  

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