Bayside Women’s Health

Dr Lawrence at Bayside Women’s Health is supported by Linda and Jenny who are highly experienced, capable and dedicated reception staff. They are easily accessible, at the rooms, and can assist with queries you may have regarding the practice.



  • Melbourne Pathology on site
  • Colposcopy
  • Minor Procedures
  • Paediatrician (Dr Joe Mel)
  • Psychologist (Bayside Psych Health)


Referral of Babies

All babies delivered by Dr Lawrence will be referred, soon after birth, for expert paediatric examination. The reasons for this are twofold. Firstly to ensure that problems with newborns are quickly and expertly managed, and secondly to establish a link with a paediatrician should problems or queries arise at a later date.


Psychological Well Being

Patients are referred for expert psychological management in certain situations. Dr Lawrence considers the psychological well-being of his patients to be of paramount importance, and will readily refer. It is critical that patients who face major surgery receive appropriate psychological support prior to their operation. As well, patients are seen by a psychologist from Bayside Psych Health, as required following surgery whilst still in hospital. Patients report a heightened sense of well-being has aided their post-operative recovery.

Pregnant patients, both ante and postnatal are referred for psychological management in cases such as anxiety, ambivalence, depression etc.

Infertility patients often require psychological liaison during their course of treatment. Early referral is important to establish a working professional relationship achieving an optimal outcome. Referrals are made to Bayside Psych Health conveniently located next door at 620 Centre Road, Bentleigh.

Telephone (03) 9557 4540 for enquiries and appointments.



Liberal referral is made to a women’s health physiotherapy group particularly important for pregnant patients experiencing musculo-skeletal problems and for pelvic instability pre and post-partum. Bayside Women’s Health strongly believes in physiotherapy for pelvic floor rehabilitation.

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